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  About Us Culture

        to create the world's most dynamic areas of testing and certification, the most competitive brands, world-class achievements in comprehensive testing and certification services to businesses.

        action and responsibility for Life.
        Loyal to corporate responsibility, for customers in inspection, verification, testing and certification in the field to provide the ultimate solution for the authority, inheritance of social responsibility, commitment to humanity and nature live in harmony with the achievements of noble actions, a better life.

Business philosophy:
        Honesty win and sustainable management;
        Full innovation, leading the future;
        Respect for talent, achievement values.

        ①, principles: integrity, rigorous, independent and impartial.
        ②, services: high-quality, high efficiency, low cost, complete from the customer needs to exceed customer expectations.
        ③, standard: workflow-based, institutionalized processes, systems standardization, the standard of globalization.
        ④, Marketing: From Clenched fists into open hands.
        ⑤, talent: morality weighAbout Ust, meritocratic Yin, to the yong, the appropriate post appropriate people.
        ⑥, team: respect for differences, to bring about.
        ⑦, Communication: communicate in advance, after the responsible.
        ⑧, work: focusing on results, rapid response, continuous improvement, excellence.



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