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  Testing Instrument Calibration

l  Definition

Instrument Calibration is often regarded as including the process of adjusting the output or indication on a measurement instrument to agree with value of the applied standard, within a specified accuracy.

l  Process

1.      Test

2.      Calibration

3.      Report

4.      Remove the deviation of order of accuracy through adjustment

l  Scope

1.      Type A: including measurement assurance instruments, working measuring instruments listed in mandatory verification, instruments that have significant impact on quality of products, etc.

Strict management measure and regular inspection shall be done to products belonging to Type A, which requires strict implementation of verification procedures and explicit period.

2.      Type B: including universal instruments which have accuracy requirements and significant impact on quality of products.

Re-testing period of products belonging to Type B shall not exceed the maximum period of verification regulation, for meeting the requirement of adjustment, you can reduce some verification items or just do part of verification tests. Besides you can use calibration, which allows you to extend calibration period after testing.

3.      Type C: including one-time verification instrument and State no requirement of instrument.

Such instruments can be used after testing and be tested during use, especially those on the devices.

l  Subsection

1.      wireless instrument

2.      electromagnetic instrument

3.      temporal frequency instrument

4.      length instrument

5.      mechanics instrument

6.      thermotechnical instrument

7.      physicochemical instrument


l  Basic Requirements

1.      Environmental requirement.

1)     Calibration Room— meet the temperature and humidity requirements of laboratory

2)     On site test – meet the conditions of instruments being tested on site

2.      Instrument. Margin of error shall be 1/3~1/10 of error bounds

3.      Staff. Staff shall get effective examine and certificate.

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