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  Testing Product Reliability and Environmental Test

l  Business scope

It covers overwhelming majority tests of Environmental Test.We can offer you various tests relating to Product Reliability and Environmental Test according to domestic and overseas standards, such as photoaging test, humiture test, gas attack test, mechanical vibration test, mechanical shock test, impact test, drop test, dustproof and waterproof test, which occupy the majority of climatope test, mechanical environmental test, and integrated environmental test and meet with the requirements of  military standard and civilian-use standard.

Our laboratory has large scale walk-in environmental test chamber, maximum volume is 45m3, so that we can provide humiture test to large scale models. Besides, our laboratory has advanced performance test instrument and analytical instrument, which can provide all-sided electrics apparent property test to the products and materials during the test. Thus, we can meet various special requirements of customers.

l  Climatope Test

1.      High temperature test

2.      Low temperature test

3.      Temperature cycle

4.      Temperature ictus

5.      High-rate temperature change

6.      Humiture cycle

7.      High and low temperature infrabar

8.      Xenon lamp photoaging test

9.      Carbon lamp photoaging test

10.   Ultraviolet photoaging test

11.   Mixed gas corroding proof

12.   Salt-spray fog corrosion

13.   Sand and dust test

14.   Rain test

l  Mechanical Environmental Test

1.      Random vibration

2.      Sinusoidal vibration

3.      impact

4.      drop

5.      mechanical shock

l  Integrated Environmental Test

1.      Temperature+humidity+vibration

2.      Temperature+humidity+infrabar

l  High Accelerate Life Span Test

1.      High accelerate life span test

2.      High accelerate stress screening test

l  Packaging Transportation Test

1.      Holding test

2.      Packaging stress

3.      Stacking codes vibration

4.      Incline impact

5.      Drop

6.      Tipover test

l  Other Tests

1.      Life span test

2.      Slice analysis

3.      Pigmentation pull-out

4.      Scanning electron microscope, alpha ray spectrometer

5.      acoustic microscope

6.      X ray analysis

7.      Chemically-resistant reagent

8.      Cathodic protection adhesive attraction

9.      Cathodic protection thickness

10.   Others

l  Standards


We can find out product defects and analyze reasons of these defects rapidly in order to help you improve quality of product.

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