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The full name is VDE Testing and Certification Prufstelle tion Institute, which is the German Electrical Engineers Association. directly involved in the German national standard setting, VDE from about 30,000 organizations and individuals members. These members mainly from the federal government / various state representatives / industry research body.
( VDE Testing and Certification Institute) Germany Offenbach offerbach the VDE Certification Institute Detection (VDE Test ing and Certification Institute), a German Electrical Engineers Association ( Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker. called VDE) of a respective Institute, which was established in 1920. As a neutral and independent institution.VDE laboratory based applications, according to the German VDE standards or European EN standards, or the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC standards for electrical products for testing and certification, Europe is the most experienced in the world to enjoy a high reputation in the certification world. It annually for the past 2,200 German companies and 2,700 customers in other countries completed a total of 18000 certification project. So far, the global nearly 50 countries of the 20 million electrical products VDE mark. In many countries VDE certification marks than their more famous logo certification, especially importers and exporters were recognized and taken seriously.
After VDE for laboratory, in accordance with strict standards testing and certification of products, consumers can rest assured.
Survey results showed that : 62% of the German VDE awareness markings It has become the most famous one of the security markings. Most people think that electrical supplies safety markings on the important, VDE familiar with the markings of the German people are 77% take this approach. German citizens are considered by 73% neutral body the electrical products screening "important" or "very important."
Europe is the most experienced test pilot certification and inspection bodies, is the EU was authorized by the CE Notice CB agencies and international organizations.

In Europe and the international community, to be electrical products for the European CENELEC certification system, Differential Electronic Components Quality Assessment Coordination of the European system, the worldwide IEC electrical products, Electronic Components authentication system recognition. Assessment of the product, including a very extensive domestic and commercial use of electrical appliances, IT equipment, industrial equipment and medical technology. assembling materials and electronic components, wires, cables and so on

VDE test scope 
Electronic Equipment 
IT products 
Industrial and medical electrical equipment 
Household electrical appliances and business equipment and systems 
Electronic and electrical components 
Wire and Cable 
Material Testing 
EMC testing 
Environmental testing 

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