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CSA is the Canadian Standards Association (Canadian Standards Association) for short, which was founded in 1919, is Canada's first industry standard for the development of the non-profit institutions. In 2001 the Association is divided into three CSA Canadian Standards Association, respectively, management system certification and the International Certification Institute, in charge of international certification is CSA International, headquartered in Toronto. Also has overseas branches in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India. Market in North America, electronics, appliances and other products will need to obtain safety certification. CSA is currently Canada's largest safety certification body, the world's best-known one of the security certification body. It on machinery, building materials, electrical appliances, computer equipment, office equipment, environmental protection, health care fire safety, sports and entertainment of all types of security products certification. CSA has thousands of manufacturers around the world provides a certification service, one hundred million each year on products marked with CSA in North America markets.

CSA application procedure for certification
1, will complete the preliminary application form, together with all related products (including all electrical components and plastic materials) the specification and technical data to be CSAInternational.
2, CSAInternational will determine the specific circumstances of product certification costs, and then notify the applicant company by fax.
3, confirmed by the applicant company will send a formal notice of the application form and the notice includes the following requirements:
   a, after the signing of a formal application form, by wire transfer certification costs (can be paid in RMB) to the office.
   b, a model will be tested in accordance with the notification sent to designated locations.
4, the laboratory will be designated to carry out certification work on time.
5, after the certification test, applicants will be issued a preliminary report (Findings Letter), set out in detail as follows:
   a, what is required to improved product mix in order to meet the standards.
   b, the report should be used to complete the certification of other data.
   c, please review the certified record of the applicant company (Certification Record) the contents of the draft
   d, CSA certification mark required, as well as methods to obtain marks.
   e, products of the factory tests required (Factory Tests).
6, CSA International applicant company will be the fifth of the above answers to be assessed.
7, at the same time to prepare a CSA International will be used as a reference and follow-up of products tested by the certification report (Certification Report).
8, at this stage, in some cases, CSA International factory to factory to make the initial assessment (Initial Factory Evaluation), referred to as IFE.
9, together with the final certification will be CSA International record (Certification Record) issued a certificate of competency (Certification of Compliance) authorize the applicant company in its products with the CSA certification mark.
10, and CSA International applicants to sign a service agreement (Service Agreement), to show the two sides agreed to work in factories to make products CSA International follow-up testing, factory acceptance 2-4 times per year plant seized. Applicant company to pay an annual fee each year (Annual Fee) to maintain the agreement

CSA certification application process
1) submit an application
CSA customers to apply for certification at the beginning, to be attached to the following information:
• Products (product description, the appearance of maps, the explosion map)
• Product model and the similarities and differences between models
• circuit diagrams or structure charts and other related drawings
• a list of product components (including the manufacturers name, model, rated power and CSA file number (if any))
• the applicant company and product manufacturer's name, address and contact
• other materials
We will arrange for you to quickly CSA official and feedback, and provide a quotation, at the same time signed a certification agreement with you. Subsequently, you will receive our official application form, including the ad hoc code, process arrangements, payment method and sample requirements.
2) to provide test samples
• provide samples of certified products
• Paste your sample project code
• If your product through an authorized agent of the other test, please provide the relevant test reports
3) In response to the results of the assessment
Products after the completion of testing, CSA official results of the assessment will be issued a letter (FindingsLetter), inform you of related product testing results, and sets out how to further promote the product testing and certification.
• If the product can not be a test, you may need to respond to content-related projects, or carry out the necessary product changes.
• In order to successfully complete the certification process, you need as soon as possible feedback on the results of the assessment.
4) obtained CSA certification mark
When products meet the standard requirements, CSA will give you the official certificate authorizing you to use the product in the CSA logo


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