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The nations match sex attestation plan( ICCP) is from Saudi Arabia of standard organization( SASO) lead off the performance since 1995 a carry on include to match sex to assess to the provisions product, the shipment checked the goods and attestation before of comprehensive plan, with a luck of merchandise front that the assurance import can match the sand completely especially of product standard.But since March 17 in 2003, the industry management bureau( PAI) that is Kuwait has already come into force the plan of ICCP, the home appliances, the stereo set product of the big part and illuminate the products all within the scope of ICCP of, moreover, the also starts carry out the plan of ICCP from May 31 in 2003.
The ICCP plan acquired the certificate of CoC to provide three kinds of paths for the exporter or manufactory, customer can the property of the basis oneself's product, up to standard degree of sign, and the multifarious degree that take delivery of goods choice the most suitable and proper way.Certificate of CoC from the SASO Country Office( SCO) that the SASO authorize or be carry out by the PAI Country Office( PCO) that the PAI authorize to countersign.

l   Path 1:The shipment reached the mark before verification

This way is is the most suitable in the hair goods quite a little exporter or manufactories.Each time before take delivery of goods need before applying for the shipment check the test( PST) of the goods( PSI) and shipment front.Both are all qualified can acquire the certificate of CoC.

l   Path 2:Register and the shipment checked the goods before.

This way is suitable for the unique and big few customer, its advantage lie in the shipment of the every time's check although goods( PSI) is must of, the each goods need not before making again the shipment test( PST).The customer passes to hand over to reach the mark to make clear, and provide to match the test report of import the country and related nations or the domestic standard, and make clear the basic request and national differences that the product has already satisfy to import the country, can be register the qualifications certificate Statement for Registration( SfR).

l   Path 3:The form approves the certificate.

This kind of way since can save before take delivery of goods check the goods fee or test the fee each time, the application procedure that simplification repetition, and then guarantee the time of delivery, so take delivery of goods for a part more multifarious or the scale compare greatly, pay attention to the archduke of the quantity and prestige department the favor.The product of the exporter or manufactory only matches the import and export country completely compulsory the standard then can acquire the Statement for Licence( SfL) certificate.The certificate's term of validity for a year, before expire needed to hand over to renew the factory check report and paid the fee of the year to combine after RLC examine can immediately expect continuously.The product that acquires the certificate of SfL no longer needs the each goods to make before delivering the goods checked the goods( PSI), but reduced to a year for the number to rarely took out to check several times.( generally 2-3 times/ year, settle according to the product condition)

Certification Forms
First, prior to shipment to verify compliance 
In this way the most suitable for very small shipments of exporters or manufacturers. Application before each shipment before the shipment inspection (PSI), as well as pre-shipment testing (PST). Both can be qualified to obtain a CoC certificate.
Second, the product registration 
In this way, for the vast majority of customers, its advantage lies in each shipment inspection (PSI) is necessary, but each batch of goods before shipment, without further testing (PST). Affirming the client through the submission of standards, and comply with importing countries and relevant international or national standards for test reports, stating the products have to meet the basic requirements of the importing countries and national differences, we can obtain registration certificates StatementforRegistration (SfR).
Third, type approval 
In this way can save shipping for each pre-test inspection fees or costs, simplify application procedures for duplication, but also ensures that the time of delivery, and are thus more frequent shipments, or as part of a larger scale, focus on quality and reputation of the great favored companies. Exporters or manufacturers of products only in full compliance with the mandatory standards for import and export of the country to get Statement for Licence (SfL) certificate. The certificate is valid for one year, due to be submitted before the report and update plant an annual fee to pay by the RLC can be renewed after review. SfL certificates obtained products are no longer required for each consignment of goods before shipment inspection (PSI), and reduced to the previous year, very few samples (typically 2-3 times / year, according to condition of the product).

Products range:

1.      Air-conditioning, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment

2.      Battery

3.      Cosmetics

4.      Toys

5.      Compressors and fans

6.      Household electrical and electronic equipment

7.      Domestic pressure cooker

8.      Wire and Cable

9.      Fax

10.    Home switches and circuit breakers

11.    Lamps and lighting equipment

12.    Elevators and lifting system

13.    Engine

14.    Office electrical and electronic equipment

15.    PC

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