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BSMI Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards in English "Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection" in the abbreviation.
According to the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs announced, from July 1, 2005, the access of products to Taiwan, electromagnetic compatibility and safety regulations to implement two aspects of regulation. According to different products, divided into the following three authentication methods:
(A) of the type approval test or verify the batch log (25 class)
Have computers, cash registers, analog or hybrid automatic data processing machines, portable digital automatic data processing machines, and other digital automatic data processing machines, other digital automatic data processing machines, section 8471.41 or 8471.49, except for projects such as digital processing unit , terminals, dot matrix printer, laser printer, daisy wheel printer, other lists, keyboard, image scanners, other input or output units, the special program-controlled calculator or word processor with memory , magnetic or optical readers, enter the data processor of the data input device, the other section 8471 owned automatic data processor, automatic teller machines, uninterruptible power supply (capacity not exceeding 10 kVA), and other uninterruptible power power supply, with translation or dictionary functions for electrical machines, data processing system with Electrical machines and data processing system of drawing machines and other 25 products.
(B) verify the log (Class 2)
"For automatic data processing machines and units thereof, and telecommunication apparatus of the static converters" and "other switching power supply" and other two products tested by the declaration of conversion to meet the Registration of Product Certification.
(C) Declaration of Conformity (25 classes, safety and regulatory requirements are total 18)
1. A mini data with calculating functions machine, reproduce and display of machinery, electronic calculators (loaned external power supply operator), the list of devices with electronic calculators, and other electronic calculators, and other calculators, hard disk drive, floppy disk drives, optical drives, other disk drives, other storage units, and other automatic data processing machines, other section 8471.10 and other parts and accessories of the machine head (inspection motherboard and computer B with I / O of B the card within the computer class) and so a total of 17 items that the implementation of the original declaration of conformity testing of products.
2. The word processor, automatic typewriters, electric typewriters, other electric typewriters, braille typewriter (weight not exceeding 12 kg), Braille typewriters (weighing over 12 kg), non-electric typewriter (weight not exceeding 12 kg ), other non-electric typewriter is a total of eight products reclassified Declaration of Conformity (DoC) test.
3. Electronic Calculator (without external power supply operator), internal magnetic (optical) disc players, computer motherboards and add-in card total of seven items not Naru An inspection scope rules.
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