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Japan VCCI certification is specifically for IT equipment, electromagnetic launch control, which are products of EMC Certification certification, which is different from the other countries in the application of the certification system and diverse products. VCCI Certification is optional, entirely on a voluntary basis, but was used by many companies in order to prove the quality of the product. Therefore, VCCI certification only in theory, the "voluntary" market pressure to be the actual implementation. VCCI only member of the Laboratory are eligible to do the certification, which must be authorized by VCCI certificate of such reports to the laboratory. VCCI membership for the world, but not limited to Japan.
VCCI manufacturers need to become a member of VCCI to use labels, as long as the manufacturer of the world to pay membership fees and annual membership fee can become a member of the organization. That customers receive the report of product testing but also to the VCCI to pay membership fee and membership fee to use after the VCCI label, which is native to Japan the so-called registration procedures.
VCCI standards adopted will allow products to be affixed in the correct label VCCI. A grade product labels need to show that the products comply with the terms of RF radiation, on the contrary, B grade products only needed to show the basic signs symbols VCCI.
    To note: that is the only certification specifically for IT equipment, computer peripherals, not any electrical and electronic products are suitable for other products.


1, the manufacturer or agent to make oral or written AGC initial application.
2, the applicant fill out the application form, application form, the use of product manuals and technical documents be sent to the laboratory (if necessary, require that an applicant company to provide a prototype).
3, AGC laboratory test to identify test items and the number of samples and pricing.
4, the applicants to verify pricing, check back to quotations, and samples and related technical documents sent to the AGC.
5, the applicant to provide technical documents.
6, AGC laboratory fees notice issued to the applicant, the applicant requested advance notice of the charges certification costs.
7, AGC laboratory examination of technical documents and test products.
8, if the technical documentation or the use of the provisions of the imperfect language laboratory will notify the applicant to improve.
9, if the test failed, the laboratory will notify the applicant in a timely manner and in accordance with the situation of deciding whether to suspend the project, allowing the applicant to improve the product. Nevertheless, until the tests pass. The applicant to deal with the original application to make changes to the technical information in order to reflect the actual situation after the change.
10, the first page of Article 9,10 rectification costs, laboratory fees and charges will be added to issue notice of applicants.
11, the applicant notice of the requirements under the Supplementary charges to pay the cost of rectification.
12, AGC of test reports provided to the applicant or technical documentation (TCF), as well as in line with the VCCI and the return of samples to prove.
13, the applicant to ensure that self-VCCI statement signed and attached to products labeled VCCI

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