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PSE certification application process
1, to determine whether the product for a specific item: can ProductList regulation of Richard PSE products (including A, B two types of products), such as non-List products, you do not need to apply. In addition, if the newly developed products, it is best determined by whether or not designated to apply for Label.
2, the document should be made: (ForTestLab)
a, for the application of the same inspection
b, to distinguish between types as follows: the product of different patterns to distinguish between different forms. The main purpose of this form is the application of the model when the series product, Lab tests required in order to this form of distinction as well as the possibility of a series. By the applicant to fill out the form to distinguish between patterns by the type of measurement can determine Lab and products. PowerSupply in as an example, the difference between the EI dimensions (EI-41, 48or57etc,) can also be for the same series, but different methods may not be able to protect as well as series of products (in Japanese).
c, structure, texture and performance of a summary of: product characteristics makers need to fill in this form, and made available to the test unit.
d, the relevant technical documents: Spec, (Transformer and integrity of all goods), Manual, Label, circuit diagram, PCBLayout and important spare parts and so on.
e, a list of inspection equipment: manufacturers need to make the equipment available in the list of the factory, have a fixed format for reference.
f, sample: 2PC,, the important parts (Fuse, ACOutlet, Case, such as the need for 1 ~ 5PC, for the replacement) and so on.
g, CBCertificate & Report
h, authorization letters: authorized by the manufacturer to apply to the Agency.
i, rejected table: When the sample to be rejected, need to fill out this form to JET will be returned to the correct Sample of officers and units.
3, a document should be made: (ForMETI apply for registration)
b, the cause of the beginning of declaration: that the application for registration.
C, factory registration card
d, qualified for the book of the same examination (Group A required product) orTestReport (B products): from LabIssue.
e, the manufacturing process of the inspection record: Factory of the production process, from preparation, feed sampling procedures such as how to record; no fixed format, but must have.
f, Label: label the contents in detail, see the relevant information.
4, the factory inspection: if there is no factory factory registry card, the factory inspection shall be done. Factory inspection of the units designated by the Lab implementation, the designated unit of the present JET: Taiwan - big power; continent-CCIC.

Materials for Japan PSE certification application:
1, PSE certification application;
2, the factory inspection questionnaire;
3, the applicant, the manufacturer, production plant, a copy of business license;
4, product brochures;
5, the same application unit in all models the difference between the statement;
6, the key components and / or a list of major raw materials;
7, product size map, part of assembly plans, as well as the size of the map;
8, issued by the authority of the manufacturer to prove (if applicable);
9, the other required documents

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