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Product voluntary certification, CQC certification model is: Type test + initial factory inspection + supervision after inspection and certification of the basic links include: certification application, type tests, initial factory inspection, evaluation of certification results and approval, Follow supervision.

      CQC certification for products other than the mandatory category, launched a voluntary product certification business (known as the CQC logo certification), to plus sign to indicate CQC applied products meet the quality, safety, environmental protection, performance and other standards, certification covers more than 500 kinds of products. To Bao Hu Xiaofei Zhe personal and property safety, protect consumer interests; to enhance product quality of domestic enterprises, enhance the product in the international market competitiveness; also products of foreign enterprises can more smoothly into the domestic market.
CQC certification work carried out earlier as the Chinese authority certification, the internationally high brand awareness, can greatly enhance the brand image of the certified companies.

General Guidelines for CQC Mark Certification

General Guidelines for CQC Mark Certification to the applicant to easily and efficiently to the China Quality Certification Center for CQC mark certification.

(A) submit a new application

China Quality Certification Center now accepting applications for CQC mark certification online via the web and written in two ways (mainly web-online-based); online application (first time) when the site registered users, as legitimate users. Registration, you need to fill out user information, such applications can be filled again in the future simplify information; registration is successful the network will automatically provide the openness of the applicant certification required documents, application guides, and other data.

During the time of application to fill out under the application, the application form:

1. CQC symbol certification is required to choose Chinese, English version, so need to use the correct Simplified Chinese, English Fill in application form; domestic applicants need certification in English, Chinese overseas applicants are required to certificates, require the applicant accurately translation of the content.
2. Applicants apply for CCC + CB or CQC + CB certification, as long as the network selection CQC CCC + CB or CQC + CB can also be submitted two applications. CB completed application should pay attention to when the English translation accurate information.
3. Please carefully read the principles of various products and guidelines for the delineation of units to ensure that the applications in a number of model specifications for products, these models for the same application unit.
4. A model in a specification for products with multiple specifications of products are trademarks or multiple models with multiple trademark, should be taken to ensure that these trademarks are registered trademarks of the holder before or after the authorization.
5. Multi-function products in the application to determine the type of product should be the main function of the product testing standards to determine.
6. Initial Application: As an initial application for review of the need for the factory, so completing the application form
Should select the "first application" in the remarks column indicate the need for "initial inspection" in the hope factory inspection.
7. To re-apply: do not need to re-apply for inspection, so completing the application form
Should select the "re-apply", fill in the appropriate column number in the factory number.
8. Change Request: Change the application is based on the certified products change, so completing the application form to be completed when the original certificate number, get a new certificate is required to return the original certificate.
9. Derived products for: derivative products have been certified products with the same family, the same security unit of the product. Completing the application form to fill out in the remarks column should pay attention to the original product differentiation is particularly important, this can help determine the need for sample delivery for type testing.
Information in the applicant completing the application, the manufacturer, factory name should fill out the corporate name, personal name should not be filled.
The written application, the China Quality Certification Center CCC received a written application submitted by the applicant, it will apply the appropriate information (manufacturer + product) entry to the CQC web site, and a user name and password to the applicant, and the electronic version online Certification documents relating to openness, application guides, and other data information into the form of fax paper or other media to inform to the applicant. Applicants fill out a written application form CCC should also pay attention the issue.

(B) the acceptance of new applications

    Applicants complete the application information, according to product categories, will be the appropriate product that Thailand is receiving certification engineers, the application will be given a unique application number, that means the formal acceptance of China Quality Certification Center the application , certified in the application, the applicants should be timely, regular access to their users within the query to the application code, we can see that all the information and the application process. After it is filed by the applicant, after receiving certification engineers, will notify the applicant of the appropriate application number. The new application is the only application number, the product will be certified network engineer applicants issued to the applicant within a registered user of the application of the "product evaluation program," This includes applications submitted to the certified from the whole process Application Process: The
1) The information submitted for certification required (the applicant, the production plant, product and other relevant data);
2) for certification testing required for the sample type and quantity delivered to the testing organizations;
3) certification for data review and unit working hours;
4) testing of samples according to the standards expected of the test cycle;
5) the arrangements for the initial factory inspection, factory set scale according to the factory required for the review the number of people the light of day.
6) The sample test report version of the conformity assessment and certification of working hours;
7) The estimated costs of certification: application, approval and registration fees, testing fees (including machine testing, random security component testing), factory inspection fee;
Applicant in accordance with the "Product Evaluation Project" provides technical information and samples submitted should pay attention to the following:
1. Specifications for various models, should provide the description of product differentiation model specifications, prototype should be representative models to cover all the model specifications to avoid duplication of sample types;
2. Machine and the components required randomized trials, in addition to machine components outside the need to provide technical data and samples;
3. Derived products should be provided with the prototype for the model between the different specifications of the product description, if necessary, to provide experimental prototype test data.
4. Outside the plant needs the initial factory inspection should fill out the "non factory inspection form" to provide product description, product description of laboratory-confirmed, you can type the pilot phase in the inspection.
5. Change application to change the application should be returned together with the original certificate.
Laboratory acceptance prototype, prototype acceptance, the applicant should obtain a copy of "qualified sample collection sample receipt" in order to test whether the extended period of inquiry; if the prototype does not meet the requirements lab will "sample problem report" to applicants. The applicant re-added sample after rectification, issued to the applicant after acceptance "like income receipt."

Certified engineers received an application to send data, after passing through examination and receive the sample has been sent to the designated laboratory, the testing tasks assigned to the laboratory. Prototype test cycle into the countdown. Sample during the detection process, if there can be rectification of nonconforming items, lab fill out the "product testing rectification notice" to describe the facts fail to determine the time limit for rectification, and also issued to the applicant "Product feedback form corrective measures" by the applicant in the implementation of corrective measures to fill in and return to testing organizations. Rectification laboratory samples submitted by the applicant, the relevant file data and the completed "Product feedback form corrective measures" to verify and confirm, and the original project and related projects failed recheck. Re-examination after passing the inspection agencies to continue testing. Only when all the failed items of rectification and qualified, only to re-start test cycle time.

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