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C-Tick Certification
Australian C-Tick is part of the electromagnetic compatibility, by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA - Australia Community Association) to control the current to control only part of the disturbance, the control range of products from 1999 1 / 01 began to enforce.
Electrical safety requirements
In Australia, electrical safety compliance assessment is the responsibility of local government. Applied uniformly to every department, "Electrical Safety Act 1945," the mutual recognition framework (Approvals Scheme). The architecture will be divided into electrical products "announcement" (Declared) and "non-notice" (Non-declared) major categories.
Notice of products subject to the relevant Australian safety standards, and the competent authorities to obtain state certification.
Non-announcement of the electrical and electronic equipment sold directly to bypass authentication. However, retailers, manufacturers and importers must ensure the safety of such appliances.
EMC requirements
EMC requirements of Australia with EMC Framework (Radiocommunications Act 1992) of self-declaration form. In this architecture specification electrical products must comply with Australian standards and the Australian Communications Authority to obtain approval to use the C-Tick mark.
If the products also comply with electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, also apply for regulatory compliance mark (RCM).
Any access to the product safety signs in Australia, in New Zealand have been recognized.
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