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Telecommunications, radio communications, EMC & EMR-a sum labeling requirements
"Telecommunications Act of 1997" and "Radio Communications Act of 1992", by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) responsible for the technical rules, including the development of appropriate mandatory labeling requirements:
• telecommunications user devices and user wiring
• radio communication equipment and
• Special electrical and electronic equipment
Labeling requirements of these provisions is in the relevant notice published in the label (see page with the label announcement). Each announcement has all the provisions of the following directory types. In addition, each label in the same announcement for a detailed description of the standards and how compliance to the standards required. Australian manufacturers or import traders or their authorized agents (suppliers) need these items before the sale or supply to Australia to meet these requirements.
Sequence tags
Suppliers to use the project order labeled it meets the relevant standards for labeling and notice
A-Tick label order
For the telecommunications user devices and user wiring, A-Tick sequence tags encoded by the A-Tick order to identify the suppliers and the information structure. This information may contain published by the ACA supplier code, or Australia encoding, or labels in the announcement in the telecommunications and other detailed information. In the following example, A-Tick label showing the order sequence of A-Tick mark and supplier of encoding N ####:
A-Tick label order
For more on the information A-Tick label please go to ACA website to find the website
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