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ISO9001 ISO9000 standard is included in the core set of quality management system standard. ISO9000 series standard is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1994 proposed the concept, refers to "the ISO/TC176 (International Standardization Organization quality management and quality assurance technical committee) to develop international standards.

The benefits of the implementation of ISO9001?

Competitive advantage?
ISO 9001 should be led by top management to ensure that its senior management to take strategic approach to management systems. Our assessment and certification process to ensure that business objectives continue to be included in your processes, our working practices to ensure you achieve maximum asset.

Improve business performance and managing operational risk?
ISO 9001 helps your managers to improve organizational performance management system will not use competitors throw in behind. Through certification, you can easily measure performance and better manage operational risk.

Attract investment and improve brand reputation, eliminate trade barriers?
ISO 9001 certification will increase your organization's brand reputation, and can be a useful promotional tool. It all stakeholders to give a clear message: This is a commitment to high standards and continuous improvement of the company.

Save money?
Evidence that those who invest in the quality management system and ISO 9001 certified company, can access, including operational efficiency, sales growth, return on assets and profit margins improved, including increased number of financial benefits.

Streamline operations, reduce waste?
Assessment of the quality management system focuses on operating processes. This encourages organizations to improve the quality of products and services to help reduce waste and customer complaints.

To encourage internal communication, increase employee morale?
ISO 9001 to ensure improved communication to increase employee participation. Continuous assessment visit will highlight the skills shortage more quickly, and to expose the teamwork problem.

Improve customer satisfaction?
ISO 9001 "plan, Do, Check, Action" structure to ensure that customer needs are considered and met.

ISO9001 quality system certification program

1, before the plant inspection meeting: The certification focuses on the purpose, procedures and time required and precautions.
2, factory inspection process: View the data, taking all regions of the factory managers and staff interviews and interviews.
3, the wrap-up session: summary of the audits found problems in the factory to confirm the time and improve the program.


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