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GB/T14000-ISO14000 series of standards is the environmental management by the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee (1SO/TC207) drafted a voluntary and consensus based on the international environmental management system developed by an international series of standards. ISO14000 series of standards is a scientific, systematic, standardized management standards, by top management commitment and support of, an organization in a planned, coordinated operation of the management activities, it is clear by the duties, obligations to implement the organizational structure implemented, aimed at preventing adverse environmental impacts, environmental management system is an internal management tool, designed to help organizations achieve their own set of environmental performance levels, and continuously improve environmental behavior within the organization to ensure the continuous improvement of environmental management systems and increased.

GB/T14000-ISO14000 series of standard concepts

Mainly by the ISO14000 environmental policy, planning, implementation and operation, checking and corrective action, management review the five elements, each element can be divided into a large number of small elements, constitute the establishment of the basic requirements of environmental management system. ISO14000 series of standards is common, both can be used in the manufacturing sector, can also be used for services; both for the public sector can also be used for the private sector. Itself does not provide the level of environmental protection, but pointed out the environmental management system requirements.

ISO14000 Features
Focus on the integrity of the system, is a science-based environmental management software
Emphasis on legal compliance, but no specific provisions environmental behavior
Requires the activities of the organization-wide process control
Widely used in all types of organizations
With the ISO9000 standard has a strong compatibility

ISO14000 bring the efficiency of enterprises

Access to international trade, "green pass"
Enhance their competitiveness and expand market share
Establish a good corporate image
Improve product performance, create "green products"
Reform process equipment to achieve energy saving
Pollution prevention, environmental protection
Avoid the environmental problems caused by the economic loss
Improve the environmental quality of the staff
Improve the internal management
Reduce environmental risk and achieve business continuity

The basic requirements of certification

(1) The organization shall establish standards meet the requirements of ISO14000 environmental management system documentation, should be completed before applying for certification in internal audits and management reviews, and to ensure effective environmental management system, fully operational for more than three months;
(2) The organization shall WorldCom certified environmental management system to provide sufficient information to run for the multi-site certification shall specify the scope of the site, address, and personnel distribution, etc., WorldCom will be certified multi-site sampling of ways to review ;
(3) organization since the beginning of the establishment of environmental management system should maintain compliance with laws and regulations of self-evaluation, and submit monitoring reports and the organization of waste a year since the law-abiding proof. Do not meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations should take the necessary corrective measures;
(4). ISO14000 audit is a collection of objective evidence of compliance verification activities, for the audit carried out smoothly, the organization should be certified to carry out certification audit WorldCom, tracking audit, surveillance audits, review and resolve complaints, and replacement activities to make the necessary arrangements, including documentation review, site review, access to records and access to personnel and other aspects;
(5) organization certified, the certification shall comply with the relevant requirements of WorldCom, publicity should be allowed only in respect of the scope of certification to state, and certified to comply with WorldCom and the certification mark on the certificate of use; in monitoring audit WorldCom authentication certificate and logo will be used to conduct audits;
(6) when the organization's environmental management system change, or appear to influence environmental management system compliance of a material change, shall promptly notify WorldCom certification; WorldCom, as the case certified to supervise the review, renewal audit or review in order to maintain validity of the certificate;
(7) certification organization shall WorldCom and related parties to provide information about communication and complaint records, and corrective action records.

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