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CB system is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEE) established a global system of mutual recognition, the English CERTIFICTION BODY abbreviation.

IECEE-CB system introduced

The International Electrotechnical Commission IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in abbreviation, non-governmental international organization, established in 1906, is the world's oldest professional international standardization bodies responsible for the electrical, electronics, international standardization. IEC standards have been developed more than 6,000.

  IEC now has more than 60 member organizations, including the world's most developed and developing countries, these countries manufacture and use of electrical and electronic products account for 90% of world production. IEC's mission is to promote electrical, electronic engineering and related issues in the standardization of international cooperation, to promote international understanding. IEC areas of work including electrical, electronic and electrical technology. To this end, IEC publications include various publications, including international standards, and hope that all Member States in their national conditions permit conditions Xia, standardization Gongzuo in the country's standards in the use of Zhexie.

 In order to reduce the rules for various different authentication result of trade barriers, elimination of multiple testing and certification of approval to bring the time delays and cost increases, so companies can more quickly and at lower cost to introduce new products to help businesses open new market, IEC using a number of multilateral international standards based on IEC conformity assessment systems. IECEE CB system, which is one of the more successful one, the system in terms of concepts from the practical point of view or are truly global.

 International Electrotechnical Commission IECEE is qualified and certified electrical products organization abbreviation. IECEE CB system, the Chinese full name is the IECEE electrical products on the mutual recognition of test certificate system, which is based on mutual recognition among members (two-way acceptance) test results to obtain national certification or approval of the principles. NCB countries to participate in order to simplify the system, according to IEC standards, certification or approval. In the national standards to IEC standards not fully based on national, countries should consider the differences in their statement, but CB system is a prerequisite for the successful operation of national standards with the corresponding IEC standard of reasonable Xiediao. Maximize the use of this system will facilitate and help manufacturers around the world receive national certification or approval of the necessary exchange of information.

 CB system, the implementation of the units is based on the rules of the various countries IECEE Certification Body (NCB), the NCB is also used by IECEE rules are accepted testing laboratory, known as CB Testing Laboratories (CBTLs). CB CB test certificate system to use based on the certificate provide a representative sample of the product has successfully passed the test of evidence that it meets the relevant IEC standards. In order to obtain national certification or approval, CB test report can also be accompanied by a statement that the sample is in line with national differences in the supplementary report.

 By 2007, member organizations in 48 countries have joined the CB system, the 62 certification bodies as NCB, 200 a number of laboratory CB Testing Laboratories (CBTLs). In 2006, the world's nearly 50,000 were awarded more than CB test certificate, more than 70,000 factories have benefited from the CB system.

 IECEE-CB system in China is an important member, joined the system in 1990, has so far issued more than 10,000 sheets CB test certificate. China Quality Certification Center (CQC) is the only join the IECEE-CB system, NCB, and has 17 CB laboratories (including Hong Kong, a laboratory). CQC now within the IECEE-CB system can be presented in 12 categories 209 standard CB test certificate, Chinese enterprises through CB test certificates and test reports, use of CB system will be convenient for their exports into the international market.

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